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Six Weeks

First off, I’m going to start with apologies. I’m not going to bother apologizing for not regularly posting because, by now, I’m sure you’re used to that. I am, however, going to apologize for not keeping up on my What … Continue reading

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Canada Day Conversation

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Canadian, Atlantic Canadian, or just raised that way, but I have a difficult time being rude. To me, walking away from someone when they are talking to me, whether I know them or … Continue reading

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Mom of the Year

A couple weeks ago, I was approached and asked if I minded being nominated for Walmart Canada’s Mom of the Year Award. I, of course, said go ahead because, hey, who doesn’t like a chance to win another award? I’m … Continue reading

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Blasts From the Past

Back when I was a pre-teen (or in today’s lingo a “tween”) there were some movies and songs (outside of my preferred genre) that I enjoyed at the time, but haven’t really thought about in years. Lately, with L entering … Continue reading

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I Have Been Sentenced to Life

To be served in elementary school. Last night, it struck me. I have been given a life sentence. I have been actively involved in the elementary school my boys attend for four years now, since L was enrolled. With another … Continue reading

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Tired Kids: A Not So Good Thing

When I am tired, I slow down and, if I sit, it is hard to get up and moving again. I tend to get a little cranky, a lot clumsy, and close to cracking my jaws repeatedly by yawning. My … Continue reading

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I honestly had an actual question to ask T before a bout of silliness took me over. My question was a simple

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Good Starts

Back in my first month of blogging, I talked a little bit about how I always try to start the boys’ day off with smiles, laughs or even giggles. The big reason I do

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No Food?

I have definitely had times when money was thin. I actually would think it odd if I haven’t. After all,

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This Tuesday Brought to You by the Torturous Threes

I know I’ve said on wordpress before that I didn’t have to go through terrible twos with any of my kids. The extra clinginess and constant temper tantrums during that year were not

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