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Quick, teacher!

Today was a good day at school. Not only did we complete today’s PTA to-do list in preparation for the big fundraiser this coming weekend, the kids were generally well behaved. Advertisements

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Settled Down With a Family?

Something I have never understood is the phrase “settle down and start a family”. Maybe I don’t understand this because I jumped right from being a teenager into having my own children.

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Being the Worst Person Ever

Well, after T’s day and a late night to bed, the boys were cranky today. I decided to do a quiet indoors day. Boy, was that the wrong move!

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My Mom Horror Stories #1

I’m beginning to have to search my brain for more Cute Stories, so I figured the next logical step would be the horror stories. These are things that my mother could never have prepared me for, either because they weren’t … Continue reading

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T’s Day

I learned last night that if I say I don’t feel like writing from the get-go, it has a huge negative impact on my number of views. I guess I should have known that anyway. Therefore, from now on, when … Continue reading

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Primary Practices

I’m sitting here watching TV before bed (it’s Grey’s night), with not a whole lot that I feel like writing about. No real reason for the lack of enthusiasm tonight…I just feel kind of blah.

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Cute Stories #5: Mom Eyes

My mom used to tell me these cute little stories when I was growing up and before my own children were old enough to speak. These seemed like cute little things that she just HAD to be making up. She … Continue reading

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Do You Know What’s in Your Cart?

Let me start off by saying this post is not inspired by a trip to the grocery store. I wish it was for two reasons: I need groceries and the inspiration is actually children’s lunch boxes at school (NOT mine!). … Continue reading

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Sitting? Eating? I Don’t Understand…

Today I had another long day. Preparations are in full swing for the school’s spring fundraiser and, of course, I am right in the middle of everything.

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Changes in the Races

I will start out with a quick shout out, then go back to my regularly scheduled post.

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